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Individual Work

mental health counseling in SeattleWe most often seek therapy because we recognize that something in our lives is not working in the way we feel it should. Left unattended, the need for change and growth instead develops into symptoms of depression, anxiety, low self esteem, unresolved grief or a myriad of other stresses on our body and psyche. At other times we may recognize that old patterns of coping, learned early in life, are no longer helping as they once did, instead these parts of our personality now seem to work against us.

Listening to our pain ...

Although relieving the pain of these symptoms is part of the therapeutic process, far more central to individual work is listening to what our pain is telling us. In the work of listening and watching within, we begin to know ourselves. We notice patterns of how we interact with the world, we become conscious of fears and disowned aspects of ourselves, and we begin to see that various parts of ourselves at times work against one another.

My work is to walk with you as you explore yourself, shedding light on the path so that your steps are more certain, sharing the collective wisdom of those who have journeyed before you, and helping you find the courage to choose the way that is closest to your heart. When we engage the work of knowing ourselves, we are more alive in the world, more productive in our endeavors, and have more capacity to manage the challenges and losses that we inevitably encounter in life.

Unconditional positive regard ...

Individual work begins with unconditional positive regard for every person that visits with me. It is a foundation of solid support, recognition that each of us is a being of unique, blessed and irreplaceable potential, regardless of our condition, regardless of our struggle. Upon that foundation is work of a more challenging nature, looking at qualities and patterns in ourselves that are often difficult to acknowledge and own. The process is often like clearing out a room of old things long forgotten. Much of what we find is no longer useful, and we can discard it. But we also discover treasures overlooked, valuable qualities of self never valued, waiting to find their fullest expression. The journey of individual work is ultimately one of discovery, acceptance and liberation, a gift to oneself and ultimately the world around us.
























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